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Steel Fabrication Machinery

Joy Star carries a wide range of steel beam and plate process solution for fabricator.

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Engineering Software

Joy Star carries a wide range of engineering CAD/CAM software to complement the machinery that we carry

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Training & Services

Joy Star team will be able to provide professional training and consultancy services.

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Steel Fabrication - Cutting Solution

Cutting applications for structural steel are quite varied, we offer an extremely comprehensive product line of cutting solution to provide the most cost effective and productive solution for your business.

Multi-Flame and Plasma Cutting System

We offer wide range of highly reliable and perfectly built CNC Flame & Plasma cutting machine, in various ranges of cutting widths and cutting lengths. In addition, we can customise the machine according to the number of torches, width and length.

Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine

We offer wide range of highly reliable and perfectly built NC and Non-NC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machines in various ranges of cutting widths and plate thickness. Our Shearing Machines are equipped with the productive features and safety devices for optimum, accurate shearing performance found on more expensive units. In addition, we can customise the shearing machine according to NC or Non-NC, shearing width and thickness.

CNC Pipe Profile Cutting System

CNC PIPE PROFILE CUTTING MACHINE with 6 spindles is mainly used to cut steel pipe Φ60~Φ1000mm profile automatically by plasma. The efficient and automatic profile cutting greatly reduced labor working and guaranteed the cutting quality of work piece, with the features of high efficiency, high accuracy, and convenient operation.

NC Rotatable Band Saws

We offer a wide range of band saws from semi-automatic band saws to CNC programmable band saws.. In addition, we can customise the band saws according to your production requirement.

Precision CNC Water Jet Cutting System

CNC Water Jet cutting machine is ideal solution for cutting metal, glass, plastic, ceramic and more etc. where no heating deformation or crack resulted from the process.

Precision CNC Laser Cutting System for Sheet Metal

Our CNC Laser cutting machine is ideal solution high speed and high accuracy cutting across metal materials

Cutting Robot

Robot cutting solution e.g. laser, plasma, water jet

Portable Automatic Cutting System


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